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8 month old not interested in boob!

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Rosie29 Tue 13-Oct-09 09:59:34

My ds, has lost all interest in breastfeeding, but will happily drink formula. I am down to breastfeeding him on in the early morning, at which he is very fussy and really not interested. I work in the afternoons evenings so he has a bottle before bed. This has been going on for 6 weeks or so, so I don't think it's a phase. Anyone else experienced this loss of interest?

Loosingmymind Tue 13-Oct-09 15:49:51

Hi, this is the reason i stopped bfing DD. I ended up dropping her from fully breastfed to 1 morning feed when she was 22 weeks as she was really fussy, pulling away from me and constantly hungry. Then gave up the morning one a couple of days ago as she was screaming for a bottle within 20mins of feeding her. It was the HV that advised this.

daisyj Thu 15-Oct-09 13:58:54

Was just about to post a thread about something similar. Started weaning 6.5 month dd nearly 4 weeks ago. She LOVES food, and is now having three good meals a day. I have been mixed feeding since 4.5 months and she now has a 7oz bottle mid morning, one mid-afternoon and breast at around 7am and 7pm. She has become less and less interested in the breastfeeds, and, particularly in the morning, the past few days she takes the nipple, sucks half-heartedly for about 3 or four minutes while looking at me periodically as if to see whether or not I've finished!

I'm going out from work tonight, so DH will do evening milk (bottle of formula) for first time, so I'll be interested to see what kind of quantity she takes. At her evening feed she now seems quite keen for about 5 mins, and then doesn't really want the second breast (up till recently she has always taken both very eagerly).

I'm wondering if she just doesn't need the milk itself at those times or whether it's the breast she's not so keen on anymore.

daisyj Thu 15-Oct-09 16:33:33

bump, as I'd like to know whether others think it's worth persisting. I'd like to continue for at least another few weeks, but don't want to force it if she'd prefer a bottle sad.

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