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Slave2Babe Fri 10-Jun-05 21:03:17

DD has now got bottom teeth and boy do i know about it!

She's just over 7 months old; has bottom teeth half way through and the top teeth wont be long (little white blister on the gum).

Since the teeth has come through she has taken to biting my nipple during feeding - really pretty hard! My auto reaction is to yell and prise her off as quickly as possible.

I've tried firmly saying no and then refusing to continue feeding but it doesnt seem to have any effect!

Please tell me what I can do - I am getting really sore but I dont want to have to stop breast feeding. I'm at the stage where I dread every feed.

misdee Fri 10-Jun-05 21:08:45

i wish my dd3 was 7months

she ahs just cut her 2 bottom teeth at just over 3months old, and is biting me each time. there is a thread further down with advice.

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