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Is it possible to re-establish a milk supply?

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Madoldbird Mon 12-Oct-09 11:30:47

I could really do wih some help and advice - forgive me if this is long winded!

I gave birth to twin boys 13 weeks ago. I was very keen to breast feed, as i had done so with my 2 older children. DT1 did latch on initially, but never particularly sucked effeciently. DT2 never latched on at all really. He had a little expressed colostrum in hospital, but became very unwell with low blood sugar, and went onto formula. My milk was very slow to come in and has never been very plentiful (i don't know why - could this be due to age??) I hired a Medela pump, expressed, and gave them what i could, as well as FF. After about 8 weeks they went totally onto FF, as my supply seemed to be dwinding, maybe because i wasn't expressing enough?

Since then i have felt bad about all of this, as i would loved to have BF them, or at least been able to express decent amounts. However DT1 now appears to have eczema. He is seeing the GP tomorrow, but the way his skin is looking, i think it is a strong probability (plus there is a family history). I know that FF can really exaccerbate (sp?) this, so i was wondering if there was any way at all that i can get my milk supply going again, and at least be able to express enough for DT1. Of course i would love to get BF going again, but they don't seem to know what to do any more, so i guess expressing is the only potential option.

I would really, really welcome any help and support. I do still have some milk there when i squeeze, but i would love advice on whether i will ever be able to get expressing going again. Also whether there are certain things i could be eating or drinking to help? It may all be too little to late, but i'm willing to give anything a go.

Sorry to have waffled!


hanaflower Mon 12-Oct-09 11:34:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tiktok Mon 12-Oct-09 12:42:41

Yes, you can relactate - there is info on mumsnet (search archives) and on the web, but you will prob need real life help and support too.

It takes a lot of time and motivation, and those 2 things are far, far more imp. than anything you eat or drink (marginal effects only, according to the evidence).Good luck

tiktok Mon 12-Oct-09 12:43:11

PS : age irrelevant to bf

Madoldbird Mon 12-Oct-09 15:06:28

Thanks - i will search the archives!!

narmada Fri 16-Oct-09 22:12:01

Yes, relactation is definitely possible but I think you will really have to be determined to do it with twins to look after! I think you did brilliantly to BF for as long as you did, you really shouldn't feel bad. Kellymom website has some really good advice about relactation - which, combined with the advice of a really good lactation consultant, meant that my 8 week old daughter got her first proper booby feed and by about 12 weeks had completely ditched the formula. It was definitely worth it for us, and might be for you. Just to let you know that your options are still open!

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