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This is really getting me down

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mrsjuan Mon 12-Oct-09 11:27:27

Does/did anyone else have a baby that just doesn't seem to like milk?

It is really getting me down trying to feed her - breastfeeding went down the pan because she was so fussy but now she's not much better with her bottles.

She either seems distracted or not hungry and she's only taking 4 oz at most feeds (5 per day) & even that's a bit of a struggle. She sometimes breastfeeds in the night but I don't think she takes very much.

I feel like I'm forcing her & I know I shouldn't but I'm starting to get worried about her again. This morning I've been in tears for the first time in ages.

I really want to do BLW with her (only 4 weeks to go) but I feel like I'll be doing her a disservice because she won't be able to eat enough to fill her up to start with so I'll have to keep plodding on with the milk. I'm starting to wonder if I should just spoon some mush in instead.

Sorry - just read this through & I sound like a right miserable cow. She's so lovely & happy except when it comes to feeding!

StealthPolarBear Mon 12-Oct-09 12:45:30

never really heard of this, sorry! I assume you've tried changing the milk? but does sound like she's not keen on milk in general!sorry you're so stressed...bumping

ILikeToQuickstepItTangoIt Mon 12-Oct-09 13:10:30

Is she putting on weight? Weeing? Pooing? Active for the stage she's at?

I don't ff, so I don't know much about babies intake of formula, but as a breastfeeder you have no idea how much milk they have. You have to trust they are taking as much as they need. If your dd is thriving I would say it is the same for her.

Put it this way, if the tin didn't tell you what the recommended intake of milk is, would you be worried?

I would suggest that BLW would be great for her. To start off with the early stages of weaning are so your baby gets used to textures and tastes, it's not about stuffing them with as much food as possible! BLW will allow your dd to eat as little or as much as she chooses to.

You don't sound like a miserable cow and you will not be doing her a disservice smile

Have faith in yourself and your dd.

mrsjuan Mon 12-Oct-09 16:19:48

She is putting on weight - but not loads - she's still only 11lb 11 at 5 months. I'm ok with that as I don't think she's meant to be big. She's weeing & pooing fine & is perfectly alert and active.

She's way off what the tin 'suggests' but that's to be expected because she's so small.

It's just the general disinterest in her feeds that upsets me. I'm sure half the time she's be perfectly happy to have an ounce or so & then just get back to chatting away.

I find myself doing what I always hated seeing other people do by keeping offering the bottle and trying to get her to have a bit more.

Tbh I haven't tried changing her milk but she's the same with formula & EBM and was even worse with breastfeeding directly.

Aghhh. I'm going to have to have serious words with myself to CHILL OUT when I start weaning her because if I ever find myself saying 'one more spoonful' I'm going to shoot myself!

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