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4mo gone off feeds and weight gain slowing - any advice?

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Pozza Sun 11-Oct-09 21:58:29

My 4.5mo EBF DD has been going off some of her feeds over past couple of weeks. Been sleeping through the night since 12 weeks and since then has been having 6 feeds during the day, 3 hrs apart, except for last 2 feeds. But past couple of weeks at some feeds she just has 5 mins then either comes off and just smiles at me, or starts pulling and screaming until I sit her up.

Had her weighed last week and weight gain slowed and she dropped from 9th percentile down to 2nd! Spoke to HV who advised leaving bit longer between feeds. Have done this which does help, but now she having less feeds during the day and last night wanted fed during night, but then didn't want feed this morning.

She also getting distracted very easily during feeds, especially by my 3 year old DS.

Has anyone else had similar problems? She just doesn't seem to have much appetite and I'm concerned about weight gain and also don't want to go back to night time feeds.


QueenOfFrighteningEveryone Sun 11-Oct-09 22:03:06

HV is mistaken to suggest leaving longer between feeds IMO. What was her rationale for that?

If her weight gain is dropping off she needs more milk not less, and the way to give her that is to feed feed feed. Every time she will take the breast, even if she hasn't 'asked' - this will increase the amount she is getting and stimulae more milk production.

Night time feeds, whilst tiring, are quite important as your prolactin (iirc) levels are higher at night and so they can really help your supply. Also less distractions at night! Is it possible for you to co-sleep so she can feed whilst you both doze?

Pozza Mon 12-Oct-09 08:30:11

Thanks for the advice QueenOfFrighteningEv.

Think HV thought that by leaving her slightly longer between feeds she would be hungrier and then feed better. By feeding her more frequently is she not just more likely to keep getting foremilk as she would just be snacking?

Don't think milk production is an issue for me - I always express 4-5oz each morning to ensure I have plenty surplus if needed.

I find that when she has woken in the night and I've fed her, it just puts her off her daytime feeds even more.

She just doesn't seem to have much appetite.

KatherineHepburn Mon 12-Oct-09 09:53:02

Hi Pozza,

That happened to us to. The little one became so distracted that feeding took ages and she just didn't seem that interested. In fact some days she just arched back and yelled until I sat her back up again.

We kept at it for a couple of weeks but as we were so close to the time I was going to move her off breast and onto the bottle anyway I just switched to expressing and then to formula (& pears, carrots, squash!!).

She is healthy and happy but just didn't want my boobs any more. Now she can eat at leisure, look around, stop to chirrup when she wants and her weight is great.

From what I gather this happens to quite a few mums. So, you're not alone!
Sorry I can't offer a solution though.

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