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Bf baby 4 wks. Hasn't done a poo for 36 hrs!

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holliejobber Sun 11-Oct-09 11:34:31

Shall i worry about this? She is ex bf and was doing 5-6 poo's before this.

JollyPirate Sun 11-Oct-09 11:36:06

No need to worry if she is otherwise well. Babies going through a growth spurt tend not to poo as frequently during that phase as they are absorbing everything. Has she also increased her feeding?

Effjay Sun 11-Oct-09 11:36:47

Not unusual. A friend of mine - her little boy didn't do a poo for 10 days (!) and she took him to the doctors in the end. Doctor said not to worry and sure enough, when it did come, it did so in volume!

waitingforbedtime Sun 11-Oct-09 11:41:15

If otherwise fine dont worry. Ds went 10 days between poos at that age! x

cancantcan Sun 11-Oct-09 12:00:11

If she is doing plenty of wet ones and is otherwise well and alert, dont worry, she is saving it all up for you and will give you a nice messy surprise later smile

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