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gorge2003 Thu 08-Oct-09 20:06:11


basically my 4 week old always been very alert since she was born (never really slept during the day only at night)...she was a bf baby until the last week (we were really struggling with it, even though the first 3 weeks went perfectly) am mix feeding her atm...right as i was saying she has always been very alert and for past few days she has been sleeping pretty much non this normal? is this down to being mixed fed? have no idea what she weighs hasnt been weighed in 2 weeks....

opinions please thanks

OneBoyOneGirl Fri 09-Oct-09 13:11:09

Id say she's probably settled down on the feeds, at that age its more normal to sleep nearly all the day away from what i remember - give your HV a call if you are worried, not enough people do and they really dont mind reassuring you!!

gorge2003 Fri 09-Oct-09 18:12:41

well my ds (3.5yr old) slept pretty much all the time til he was 6mo, he was sleepy from birth, she was alert from the second she was born so thats why im querying it.

i HATE her being on formula but it seems to be filling her up, im still doing 3-4 or more breast feeds a day. Really want her to be breastfed exclusively again but it doesnt seem to fill her up, sheis drinking 4-5oz every 2 hours of formula and i cant keep up with it breastfeeding! its exhausting and i really dont think i have enough in there! obv i dont atm cos she is drinking formula too so my supply has decreased but i was struggling to keep up with it before!

i feel rubbish as i want her back on breast but i cant keep up with her!

GruffaloMama Fri 09-Oct-09 19:12:27

Hi Gorge - don't feel rubbish. <Sending you a hug> Remember that any breastfeeds you're managing will be beneficial.

If you'd like to get her back to breastfeeding - have you thought about calling any of the helplines? They might be able to give you advice about how to gradually increase the number of breastfeeds/increase your supply etc. They were so helpful for me and completely non-judgey. DS is eating my leg and I can't google the number for you but they're on the baby breastfeeding section of Mumsnet.


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