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Ouch, been bitten and it is bleeding a bit. Any tips?

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cece Thu 08-Oct-09 11:55:46

Not come across this before, the other two both bit me once - I yelped and told them no - they didn't bite again. However, DS2 has just cut two teeth at 4 months. He keeps biting me. Yesterday he bit quite hard and I have spots of blood on my breast pad today. But everytime I tell him no he just laughs!

How do I stop him? I was planning on bf till he was 12-18 months like the others, but not if he keeps biting me!

sjcmum Thu 08-Oct-09 13:50:26

cece - I was just about to come on to post something similar. DD2 is 9.5 months and now has 5 teeth. Every time one is on the verge of coming through she starts biting me.... boobs are feeling rather tender to say the least! DD1 was same as your older LOs - a couple of firm no's and she never dared do it again. DD2 just thinks it is funny. One suggestion is to take him off straight away. I've tried this with DD2 but usually she bites towards the end of the feed when she doesn't really want any more so taking her off is what she wants and it doesn't solve the problem. It seems to go in phases though and when the teeth are through I get a bit of respite.

I too would welcome any suggestions? I asked the HV this morning and she had nothing at all to suggest....

cece Thu 08-Oct-09 14:06:55

Yes he tends to only bite at the end of the feed when he is just comfort sucking.

ramblingmum Thu 08-Oct-09 14:11:21

I did use breast shields for a bit when dd1 was teething. I know they are not recommended for younger babies but they kept me breastfeeding longer dd didn't seem to mind

cece Thu 08-Oct-09 14:48:05

I have put some of that cream in the purple tube on for now, to try and heal a bit. If it continues I might consider some nipple shields, good idea!

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