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weaning from breast to Doidy cup for feeds in the day- any advice?

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jeffily Thu 08-Oct-09 09:16:31

I am going back to work in 2 months, only for 2/3 days a week, but obviously won't be around for the 5-6 BF DD currently has during the day! She's 6.5 months, so it seems silly to go for a bottle and I have been trying with the Doidy cup with just 2oz formula in the mornings with breakfast. She seems to like it- she loves holding the handles though she's not actually able to direct it to her mouth yet (more the floor, my trousers, her hair...hmm). I think she probably takes about 0.5oz. She puts her tongue into the cup and sort of licks it up- is this ok? Any tips for how I could carry on with this process?
Also, I want to carry on BF, do you think it is possible to carry on morning and night with FF in the day from a cup?

dinkystinkystein Thu 08-Oct-09 20:49:19

I BF DS2 morning and evening and he's on formula during the day - we got him onto bottles at 6 months as there will be occasions when I will have to work evenings (I work 5 days a week) and wont be able to BF him. So it is definitely possible to do that. He is not a fan of formula at all - but will take it from a bottle if very warm and a fast flow teat. In a doidy cup he plays with it then pours it on the floor - deliberately I think. He can drink from a tommee tippee free flow sippy cup but doesnt tend to take very much from there and mostly likes playing with it and banging it on the table - if the doidy doesnt work, you could try one of those? And lapping the milk is fine - she will move on to drinking more hopefully.

TheOldestCat Thu 08-Oct-09 20:52:48

Sounds like you're doing the right things. Just let her carry on playing around with it - she'll probably take more and more.

You certainly can carry on BF. I did when I went back to work - DD was 6 months and I fed her for another year. She had expressed milk for a while, but didn't ever take that much and we ended up with morning and evening BF.

Since you'll only be in work 2-3 days, you can BF on the other days. Your body will adapt, it's amazing smile

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