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Self weaning from breast & expressed milk at nursery

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DrJen Wed 07-Oct-09 17:51:46

I want to allow DS to self wean himself from BFing whenever he's ready.

Has anyone had an experience of doing this when I'm supplying nursery with expressed milk in bottles.
He's 9.5 months and has BF from me morning & night (and up to 2x overnight... but thats another thread!!) He has 3x100ml bottles at nursery at the mo.

Have noticed very short & light feeds off me in the morning? When do I cut nursery bottles down? or will he just start refusing them, or not finishing them??

wuglet Wed 07-Oct-09 17:59:31

I only expressed for DS until he was about 11 months, then he had cows milk at nursery.

He is only at nursery 2 days though - when I am with him he is fed on demand. 3 x 100ml seems quite a lot if he is feeding a lot at home as well - but if you are easily managing to supply that much then good on you!

Seems to work for us (he is 17mo now, planning to natural term wean).

CMOTdibbler Wed 07-Oct-09 21:32:58

I expressed for DS - he had 3 x120ml bottles at nursery, plus morning/evening/bedtime and night feeds at that age, then slowly dropped the expressed bottles himself until he didn't have a daytime feed at 14 months. He continued to feed until 23 months. His EBM feeds were on demand

So, just trust that he'll drop the feeds when he doesn't want them anymore

maygirl Wed 07-Oct-09 22:59:29

I cut down on the volume in and number of nursery ebm bottles as the amount I could express naturally diminished as his demand for milk did. Finally stopped at around 16 months, when other children in his room had pretty much had cut out their daytime milk and were just having an occasional afternoon cup of cows milk together, and I was only getting about 100 ml or so expressing. Still not self weaned completely at 3, but he is being helped along with it by his new sibling in utero!

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