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Is 5 feeds in 24 hrs enough at 3months (and 1 week!)...?

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Jackaroo Wed 07-Oct-09 10:35:07

So after a very bumpy start, and more feeds than I care to remember my VERY hefty baby has decided over the last week to drop a feed or two just like that. He is still having wet nappies (some, admittedly are just wet, not soaking like before)and I haven't enough days to see if his weight gain has changed, but previously he has crashed through the percentiles. Started at 50%, now past 95%....height not increasingly commeasurately I have to say :-)

So, now we have the weird pattern as follows (give or take an hour either way)....

8am, midday, something between 4.30-5.30pm, 1AM, and 4/5am....??????

He used to ahve a full feed at 4am, and then I'd top up (liberally)before bed at 5.30/6.30pm..but he's just too tired and goes straight to bed without really caring about extra feeding, and still has this amazingly long evening sleep.

Also, any ideas whether I'm going to send the whole thing haywire by waking him to feed at 10pm or so, and hoping for only feed in the night?

BTW, the long evening feed has been thus for at least 6 weeks, so not new.

Am rather anxious as DS1 was very much a 2/3hour feeder at this stage.


ramblingmum Wed 07-Oct-09 11:39:47

At this age my dd2 had a similar feeding patten. About 5 feeds through the day and then a long sleep at night from about 11pm to 7am. (She started feeding again at night at 5 months) She seemed happy with this and resisted attempts to feed her more often. The HV was also happy despite her dropping from 50th centile at birth to under the 25th.
So don't worry just enjoy a bit of time to do other things

Jackaroo Wed 07-Oct-09 12:07:48

Thanks for that - oh how I wish it was from 11pm-7am!! But yes, I'm very grateful for it as it is...just pointless finding something to fret about.

Also thanks for the warning that it changed again.

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