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beanbag for nightfeeds, supportive enough?

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lizzyfish Tue 06-Oct-09 12:55:54

having fitted out smallest room of house as nursery, i realise there is not enough room for a standard supportive nursing type chair. i have one downstairs for feeding during the day. nct do a teardrop shaped beanbag chair they say is suitable for feeds. do any of you have experience of nursing on a beanbag chair? do you think one in nursery will be supportive enough for nightfeeds? thanks!

LucyMo Tue 06-Oct-09 13:28:44

I'm sure it would be supportive enough - my concern would be getting back up out of it, if it's low to the ground, particularly as your baby gets bigger and heavier. Strong thigh muscles and something to grab on to (the cot?) will help I guess.

Is there absolutely no way you can squeeze a chair in? Even if it's not a glider, something compact and comfy. You will be doing a lot of sitting in the nursery, it's vital you're comfy and that you can get up again without waking the 'thank god he's asleep' baby!

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