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Reflux/colicky babies- tilt angles?

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usernametaken Mon 05-Oct-09 21:10:02

The HV suggested we tilt DS's cot/buggy/playmat at an angle to help keep the milk down. What she didn't say was to what sort of angle do we tilt the cot etc? Should we just put 2 books under one end of the cot? The buggy is easy to angle but how much of a gradient?
Many thanks

TOK Mon 05-Oct-09 23:16:57

Yes, 2 books should be fine, you don't need it too high. This worked very well for our ds, along with infacol (don't know if you've tried that yet). We also tried to keep him at an angle whilst he was feeding too. Good luck with it, I remember how tiring it can be! xxx

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