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Help I cant get her to take water from a bottle/breaker!!!

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frenchiemum Sun 04-Oct-09 16:41:16

Hi my 5month old dd has been exclusively breastfeed since birth. I wanted to give her some water or milk from a cuo or beaker for when i am away but she wont take it at all i have tried every mark and type. My Husband is not all ways around so it just me. Does any one have any tips.
I also was thinkg of moving to bottle durring the day and breast at night but i geuss this wont happen now sad

TOK Sun 04-Oct-09 18:31:44

My ds was only bf for a few weeks, but it still took ages to get him to take water from a bottle, cup or beaker, even though he was used to the bottle. I think it just takes them a while to get used to the new taste, when all they have had is milk for such a long time.
I would just persevere with it, maybe with a bottle if you're hoping to introduce it during the day. We used Tommee tippee when changing from breast to bottle.
We also found the doidy cup good-although messy to begin with! You can find it easily on internet. Good luck! xxx

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