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Feeding 5 mo - how often and consquences for sleep

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whatalongday Sun 04-Oct-09 09:51:47


I know everyone wants little one to sleep through and with 19mo and 5 mo I could now do with some core hours where I can sleep. Baby is being BF but I am introducing formula slowly with a cup. She is waking at 3am almost on the clock and is not hungry and does go back down but then wakes 5-5.30am. I do feed at 11pm but she is not guzzling.

If I could cut out the 3am stuff that would help enormously.
At 5 months BF how many feeds a day are you doing? I have tried feeding now to an approximate schedule but that does not seem to be working - in the day should I encourage bigger feeds and bigger interval inbetween. I know lots of people say feed when they want but there is some sense in getting most feeds in during the day and minimising the nighttime stuff and I am feeling a little down with things sometimes getting on top of me so I really feel sleeping better would help my perspective on things. I try to respond to baby's needs but also need to consider things in the round. Any thoughts experience would be helpful.

whatalongday Sun 04-Oct-09 09:52:52

I should say that baby is waking at 3am then almost going back down - goes to sleep in your arms but then unsettled when put in cot and then stays unsettled until 5 am ish when hungry.

olivo Sun 04-Oct-09 12:56:55

could you drop the 11pm feed so she is hungry at 3am and then wouldnt be unsettled and wouldnt need the 5ish one?

whatalongday Sun 04-Oct-09 13:46:40

I have thought of that and have sometimes dropped that feed and then she will wake anywhere between 12.30am and 3am I guess the advice always is to feed at 11ish to top them up for the night but maybe I need to just start going to bed at 9pm and sleep through as long as I can and hope to get down to one nighttime feed.

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