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Breast milk in my wine.

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SheelaNaGig Sun 04-Oct-09 00:45:39

Just had my first outing for dinner tonight since pre birth, had about 3 glasses of wine, came home at 9, I usually pump milk about now for next day evening feed my DH or DD gives. Is been about three hours, desperately drinking fluids. Is the milk worth keeping/feeding? No back up expressed milk for later.

GibbonInARibbon Sun 04-Oct-09 00:52:05

Sorry I cannot help but as a HUGE PJ Harvey fan I love your name.

SheelaNaGig Sun 04-Oct-09 00:55:20

She does rock.Iv also seen a real Sheela na gig and was very shocked at the naughtyness in a old church.

GibbonInARibbon Sun 04-Oct-09 01:00:30

I can imagine wink

hope you had a fab evening and someone comes along with more knowledge than me grin

SheelaNaGig Sun 04-Oct-09 01:13:07

Thank you Gibbon.Your very welcom.

redsofas Sun 04-Oct-09 01:19:37

lol at title sorry just makes u sound bit tiddly on the old wine!!!! hope u had a great night out though!

VirginiaLoveGlove Sun 04-Oct-09 03:50:51

The milk will be fine. hope you didn't chuck it.

2Shoots Sun 04-Oct-09 06:16:17

Unless the baby was prem there will be no problem with a couple of glasses of wine

SheelaNaGig Sun 04-Oct-09 15:36:34

I think I was feeling very gulity for doing it.But it was a nice night out.Did feed the baby about 1.30am and By the looks of him, he seems to be ok.Found my self watching my mobil while out for DH panicing, I think I may be unready for going out yet.
Thanks for your replys.

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