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is it possible

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gorge2003 Sat 03-Oct-09 14:05:58

ok so dd is nearly 4 weeks old and ben having a rough time bf'ing her for the past week, she wont latch and thrashes around, she has no wind or anything. my supply seemed to have dwindled a bit, not sure if this is because she wouldnt feed or i was having a few bad days . have been giving her some ff during the day to keep her happy cos she wont bf much at all atm, and there doesnt seem to be anything to feed her!

so been expressing last day or so to try and get my supply up again and this morning i managed to express nearly 6oz....does this mean my supply is coming back in nicely? shall i try and latch her to encourage my supply or keep expressing til my supply is back??

McSnail Sat 03-Oct-09 14:22:31

Can you do a bit of both, gorge2003? How about expressing in the morning and trying to BF for the rest of the day? Drinking fennel tea is supposed to be good for milk supply if you feel it's dwindled a bit. Sorry I'm not an expert on this as I'm new to motherhood...

Lulumama Sat 03-Oct-09 14:24:43

i would try to get her latched on , even though 6 oz is a brilliant amount to get out, it is going to get harder to get her back on the breast the longer you leave it

the best way to increase your milk supply, is to get your baby, who is far more efficient at extracting milk from the breast than a pump, back on

if you have had difficulties, you should get some help, maybe from NCT or LLL or a peer supporter to help you get her latched back on

the more formula you give, the more chance there is of not being able to continue breastfeeding

tiktok Sat 03-Oct-09 14:29:09

gorge, you definitely need to see and speak to someone in real life.

The only sure way to increase milk supply is to increase the demands upon your production ie by feeding direct and/or expressing often day and night.

If you can do this, at least 8 x in 24 hours, over several days, then your milk is likely to return.

But speak to someone, too

gorge2003 Sat 03-Oct-09 14:45:18

well i latched her on just now and no problems, so fingers crossed! have expressed a few times today and she had a feed just now when i latched her on so hopefully things are looking up! will try feeding/expressing at least 8 times today and see what happens! will talk to my hv when i see her next week.

gorge2003 Sun 04-Oct-09 12:38:06

have had her latched on quite a few times and been expressing at every possible opportunity but how long will it take for supply to be back properly? getting at least 3oz out everytime i express now (bout 1.5oz from each breast)

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