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Formula fed baby - windy

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fattybumbum Sat 03-Oct-09 09:03:36

Hi, my baby is 4 days old and feeding very well ie taking lots of milk in one go and can go for long spaces between feeds (he is a good weight). When we got home from the hospital we started him on slow flow teats but his milk intake went down a lot as he obviously found it too much work to suck.

We have tried him on medium and fast flow teats and his milk intake shot back up again. He has no problem feeding from them and does not choke but he is full of wind. I fear that it may be because he is a 'gulper' - however moving him back onto the slow flow teats will mean tiny frequent feeds which I don't want, especially at night! Any advice please?

tiktok Sat 03-Oct-09 10:08:43

Hi, fattybumbum - what does the midwife say? 4 day old babies are just getting used to everything, so what happens today may be different from what happens feed may be different from the next reasons that are nothing to do with the teat

Normally, though, it's not a good thing for new babies to take a lot of milk in one go...maybe ask the midwife about this?

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