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Do you think DS could be taking a step towards natural weaning?

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Ninks Fri 02-Oct-09 21:26:26

I'm trying to word this properly as my early parenting-forum experiences were Babyworld / Netmums where "self-weaning" always happened between six weeks and six months, so forgive my phraseology if it's inappropriate.

DS is nearly 2.5 and in the last week he has started to well, clap my nork when it appears. He's been on the right one only for a year as that's the side he can see the T.V from blush

I haven't worried about that very much as he's eating a bit and drinking lots of cows milk too. It's "just" a comfort thing for him says the HV but if DS needs that, why the hell not?

But in the last few days as well as the round of applause he just insists that I don't cover it up at all even when he's not latched on so that he can babble, sing, prod at it and generally explore. He'll latch back off if he forgets to clap initially too.

You're going to tell me he showing all the signs of continuing until four aren't you? grin

BertieBotts Sat 03-Oct-09 10:03:39

grin I am sorry, I have no idea, just wanted to say that someone else on here has mentioned their DS likes to give their norks a round of applause as well (I think it was on the thread about whether or not Makka Pakka is meant to look like a breast)

I'm sure I have all this to come My DS is nearly 1 and is absolutely obsessed, practically in love with mine and likes not only to drink milk from them (usually a smash & grab type operation these days) but also to poke, prod, giggle at, pinch, twiddle....

llareggub Sat 03-Oct-09 10:12:17

My DS fed until around 2.9 or so. He self-weaned around then and this coincided with the birth of his younger brother. His feeding actually increased; it was as if he was storing it up for the future.

Like yours he had a favourite side: he always fed from the left and told me grumpily that DS2 could have the other.

DS1 didn't clap the appearance of my breast but he did insist that I didn't put it away after a feed.

He gave up quite quickly. One day he was feeding all the time, probably as much as the newborn, and then suddenly, he got quite cross on the breast. It was also quite painful for me and it crossed my mind if he lost the ability to do it. That is just a guess though.

He decided not to wear nappies (day and night) at the around about the same time and now he appears to have no memory of ever breastfeeding.

I found the last few weeks quite difficult and I hope you have an easier time of it.

TrickOrNinks Mon 05-Oct-09 13:47:00

Sorry, I forgot all about this. I can't imagine BF in early pregnancy llareggub, my boobs are so tender at that stage that I scream if I so much as breathe on them!

grin at your DS conceding that DS2 could have the spare though.

Bertie the twiddling is something I will definitely not miss...

Thanks for replying smile

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