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6.5 month DS takes hardly any breastmilk at night time feed - what can I do

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iwantitnow Fri 02-Oct-09 20:42:07

Unsurprisingly he is waking several times in the middle of the night, he has about 4/6 sucks and falls asleep around 6.30ish or 6.45pm.

Tried bringing his dinner earlier, although often I have to wake him at 5.15pm from late afternoon nap to have his dinner. I try to do dinner at 5-5.30ishpm. I've tried cutting down the amount of solids but nothing works.

He doesn't seem that keen on BM, given my DD was a milk addict and hardly ate solids until she was nearer 2, DS seems the opposite. I offer to BF more during the day he refuses. I get about 4 feeds into him a day (plus 2-3 feeds at night), two of which are a few sucks.

Any ideas? He has never had a bottle so I can't feed him like that.

TheIggorcist Fri 02-Oct-09 22:27:57

A cup (since he doesn't like bottle) with a bit of ebm, to follow up his bedtime feed? My BF counsellor suggested that, DS drunk that bit extra that way (no idea why) so less hungry later on. Didn't do it for long, don't like phaffing with pumps but it did have an impact. You're already trying the extra feeds in day, which would have been my other suggestion, sorry!

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