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Normal amounts of milk? or a million daft questions?

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pingviner Fri 02-Oct-09 15:59:22

DS is almost 12 months old now, and has been exclusively breastfed, Ive been pretty lucky with it, hes grown well and I have never really worried about the number of feeds he has.

I returned to work when he was 8 months old and attempted to mix feed him, however he is allergic to cows milk and reacted to formula. I was given a hypoallergenic formula to try but he was not very impressed to say the least! So I expressed at work and feed him. I wasnt very successful at expressing and would maybe only get 4-6oz/day, which he would take at nursery.
I noticed he was waking for feeds more frequently in the night, so figured he was probably taking a similar volume/calorie intake, just at a different time of day

Hes a good eater and wolfs down anything hes given (even if it does cause an allergic reaction hmm) and recently hes very much been eating 3 proper meals a day, and has started to refuse the milk I send in to him at nursery. He still feeds when I am there in the evening and overnight, but over the last week has taken no EBM while at nursery

I have been struggling with the expressing lately - finding it difficult to get letdown, sheer tiredness and also the logistics of fitting it into the day. I was thinking that if he no longer wants EBM in the day I could stop and just have him taking feeds as required at night - but would he be getting enough milk from this? Im quite laid back about these things, but just watching him with his latest growth spurt and the way he charges about makes me very keen to make sure hes getting enough calories.

How much milk should a 12mth old be taking per day, approximately? Should I try and give him a substitute at nursery? If I was to do that would it need to be any sort of formula? I use fullfat soya milk for his cooking and he seems to like it - but is it a suitable substitute for his age?

If any of the resident mumsnet experts could help Id really appreciate it!

BertieBotts Fri 02-Oct-09 18:01:31

I think I'd stop the expressing (express off a bit if you get engorged though) and just feed in the evenings. I don't think a 1yo really relies on milk for much of their diet at all.

Have you tried him on Goat's milk? I seem to remember something bad about soya milk but I am not sure what it is.

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