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anyone use HIPP good night milk?

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chickenlickin Fri 02-Oct-09 14:06:57

BF last baby till 14 months. Now my son is 7 months and on 98th centile, and very hungery! Want to keep on BF for same amount of time but thinking of introducing some kind of dream feed and can't have cows milk till one year - what shall i do?!! Did try expressing or just BF dreamfeed but maybe needs something bit more to fill him up! The tiredness was bearable with first baby but now my two year old droppped all naps i feel like i am really struggling. Never ever thought i would consider any kind of formula but feel i need to weigh up the feeling knackered and miserable factors! Have never used formula, seems to be loads of stuff in it, bit worrying.

tiktok Fri 02-Oct-09 14:12:34

The SACN (official but independent health and nutrition advisory boffins to the depart of health) people did not like Good Night milks, either, chickenlickin:

as you can read here

ThePinkOne Fri 02-Oct-09 14:15:01

How many times is he waking in the night? And how's weaning going?

My 7 month old is still waking in the night but getting much better and occasionally sleeping through. Might be to do with the fact that he's getting more solids in now. My nearly 3 year old dropped her naps just before I got pg with this one too and it feels never-ending with them all day! If we're at home I get her to have a 'quiet hour' in her room so I get an hour to myself (or more likely just with the baby!) That helps keep my sanity a bit!

I haven't ever given formula cause I read the ingredients list once and when I got 5 minutes down the list and couldn't even pronounce some of the words I gave up!! I would think that perhaps ordinary formula would be 'heavy' enough for a bf baby, rather than the goodnight stuff (but that's just me speculating!) if that's the route you decide to take.

The only other thing to think about with dreamfeeding (sorry this is getting long!) which I've seen other people on here say as well - I used to dreamfeed dd at about 10.30/11 and then she would wake up at 5. When I dropped the dreamfeed (thinking she's wake up about 2am so I could at least get back to sleep after!) she went through til 5 or 6am anyway! I think by disturbing thier natural rhythm it often makes them feed more anyway.

Right sorry that was so long, but hope some of ramblings give you something to think about!

chickenlickin Fri 02-Oct-09 19:42:30

Thanks for help! Have decided against formula! Have managed this long, sometimes gets very full on! May try the porridge before bed. Didn't have any in tonight so just gave him a rather large helping of rice pudding (naughty!). Only thing is couldn't hardly keep his eyes open to BF!!!

Normally he is waking at 10/10.30 ish, 1am, 3am and then thinks its morning at 5am!! A few times he has done 10, 3 and 7am which was amazing! Mind you, just found his first tooth coming through today so that is not nice for him. Wish i had written more down when had my first (was prob to knackered!) x

5inthetomb Fri 02-Oct-09 19:46:35

My HV told me not to use it, as it contains baby rice/cereal in. Its also very thick so harder to suck out of a bottle.

If your DS wont have porridge, you could also try weetabix or readybrek.

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