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Longlife milk

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pinkmagic1 Wed 08-Jun-05 17:08:14

DS is 1 next week and I am starting to think about moving him on to cows milk as his main drink.
We are going to see the inlaws in Egypt at the end of next month and the only milk you can get is either straight out the cow (unpausterised) or long life milk. Does anyone know if longlife milk has the same nutritional qualities as fresh milk and what exactly has been done to it to make it last longer?

jolou1 Wed 08-Jun-05 17:30:07

When our DS's were about the same age, I always had a supply of longlife milk for trips abroad/ emergency backup. They didn't seem to notice the difference (although I think it tastes foul in tea!) with no problems. I don't know the science involved, but for short term use I can't see the problem. (Try some at home before you go so he has a chance to get used to it.)

fredly Thu 09-Jun-05 10:05:25

I have always drunk long life milk (I'm French and it's much more common in France than in the UK) with no problem at all. And it's far more convenient, no need to buy a new bottle everyday. For a baby I would use whole milk.

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