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Please help me keep BF

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stanausauruswrecks Thu 01-Oct-09 12:50:17

DD is 19 weeks on Sunday. For the past week and a half she has been waking frquently during the night - 5 nights every hour, then one night where she woke 4 times. one night where she woke 3 times, one night where she woke twice and then one night when she woke once. Last night she was back to every hour again. I am at my wits end.Exhausted,resentful, snappy and feel like walking out on it all.
I am offering her the boob at any opportunity during the day to try and fill her so she sleeps for a bit longer at night, to no avail. She only has a 20 minute nap during the day, despite all efforts to wear her out, so can't catch up on sleep then. DH has tried to take her and give her the last of the frozen EBM in a bottle, but to no avail.Have tried it all- teething granules, calpol,warm baths with lavender (for both of us..)with no effect.
I am due to take her for her vaccinations this afternoon and know that the HV will collar me to see how things are. I know she'll suggest weaning (having overheard her recommend this to others)I don't think she's ready, as she's not showing any interest in food, but my resolve is very weak at the moment and I'm nearly desperate enough to try weaning/formula.
Please help!!

tinierclanger Thu 01-Oct-09 12:54:04

Ok - first, well done for getting this far!

You say this has been for the past week and a half - so was it ok before? Hang on to that thought, I know it feels like forever but a week and a half is just a phase. IT WILL PASS.

Will she sleep in the pram? Can you get someone else to take her for a walk and a sleep while you have a break?

Is she hungry in the night? Does she feed for long or is it a quick comfort suck?

chibi Thu 01-Oct-09 12:56:41

this is normal at this age, hang on to wean til she's ready.

after weaning, when she starts reducing milk intake, you can do any number of sleep training techniques to help her go longer without milk at night.

i did this with my dd - weaned at about 24 weeks, started sleep training about 6+ months, reduced wakings from hourly to 1-2 between 7 + 6am


chibi Thu 01-Oct-09 12:59:38

also how she sleeps now isn't how it will always be. dd slept reasonably well from 6 monthsish and through the night from 11 months.

after a rocky start i never would have believed it but she will sleep anywhere, adjust to 6 hour time differences, she is brilliant! hang in there.

Indaba Thu 01-Oct-09 13:03:00

Overall I recommend doing what you feel comfortable with. And what you can manage. Do what ever you can to get some rest....thats way more important that what DD has or doesn't have to eat. My husband was weaned at 6 weeks (!), but still manages to run marathons 3x a year. I know its easy for me to say (as am way past this now with my three children) but you have to look after yourself first, so do what you think is right....not what HV or MIL or DH says. By the way, I did breast feeding and formula combined for months....I couldn't express but my babies needed more milk at 20 weeks....worked for me....maybe you could try that. Good luck!

stanausauruswrecks Thu 01-Oct-09 13:07:16

Prior to this she was having a dream feed at 11pm, woke at 2am for a feed, and then again at 6am. She only feeds for a max of 10 minutes at a a time.
Re the sleep - we go for walks in the pram, have blackout blinds in the bedroom and the most she'll sleep is 20 minutes. She hates being in the car and will flip out if the journey is anything more than a quick trip to the shops. Essentially she is incredibly nosey, and seems terrified that she may miss something - therefore has to be awake at all hours. Am thinking of renting her out to the SAS as a one woman torture device..

GruffaloMama Thu 01-Oct-09 17:00:11

You poor thing. You've done great to get to here. It may well pass. DS pulled a few weeks around this age where he started waking multiple times for feeds but also wasn't (IMO) ready for weaning (to food). There is a growth spurt/developmental spurt around 4-5 mo that you might have hit. It was a pig for us.

Am sure it will pass - as Clanger said use any opportunity for you to get rest.

ladylush Thu 01-Oct-09 17:35:20

My ds was like this. You poor thing sad He sleeps well now but is 5 yrs old grin And he didn't sleep well til he was nearly 4. Hope your dd cracks it before then otherwise you'll crack up. Mind you, I'm still least I think I am wink

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