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Parasites, 13 month old & stopping BF

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sirmione Wed 30-Sep-09 22:40:53

After a couple of months of vile pooing (but big weight loss, so not all bad!) my doctor tells me I have a parasite in my lower intestine. I need to take antibiotics to sort it & they're not compatible with bfing.
My DD needs to be bf to sleep and then again up to 3 times a night. She goes NUCLEAR if not. I've pretty much stopped bfing her apart from at bedtime/during the night.

How do I stop bfing, whilst causing the least stress to DD? Is it kinder in the long run just to simply 'turn off the taps' and stop bfing altogether or do I break the feed to sleep dependency thing first (ie don't feed her to sleep/feed her for progressively shorter periods when she wakes at night) and then phase out the last feed of the day.

Be very grateful for advice.

Mummy369 Wed 30-Sep-09 22:56:27

Firstly, have you checked out the antibiotic and whether it really is incompatible with BF?

sirmione Wed 30-Sep-09 23:26:56

The instructions in the box say you musn't take if bfeeding & doc confirmed & said there's no alternative.
Both my DC's have had medical issues that had odds of 1 in several thousands so I'm ultra cautious about things such as this which carry possible risks

Mummy369 Wed 30-Sep-09 23:39:03

Can you tell me the name of the antibiotic?

Every drug carries a degree of risk - it's the level of risk which is important. The Breastfeeding Network have an excellent Drug helpline and the book "Medications and Mothers Milk" (a manual of Lactational Pharmacology) by Thomas W. Hale is the advisory guide for practising Midwives, Health Visitors and GP's in the UK.

Mummy369 Thu 01-Oct-09 00:11:00

Hi Sirmione,

I know you are worried about the potential risks, and I am sure you haven't come to the decision to stop breastfeeding lightly.

If it is your wish to continue breastfeeding, though, and it was possible to reassure you that the drug poses little risk, would you not wish you had the information before you give up the BF? [sympathetic emoticon]

According to "Medications and Mothers Milk" (a manual of Lactational Pharmacology) by Thomas W. Hale there is a drug given as an Amebicide (anti-parasitic) which is used to treat both acute and chronic intestinal amebiasis. It trades by the name Paromomycin or Humatin. It works by interfering with bacterial protein synthesis by binding with the ribosomes in the intestine. Hale states "It is not systemically absorbed after oral ingestion and therefore poses little risk to a breastfeeding infant".

Obviously I don't know if this is the drug your GP wishes to give you, but Hale is an excellent, reliable source smile

sirmione Thu 01-Oct-09 07:51:27

The antibo is called Dumozol. I've had a look round the internet, but I'm non the wiser really. Thanks for info about BN, I'll give them a call. I really wanted to continue until the point she lost interest...

MrsBadger Thu 01-Oct-09 09:03:24

Dumozol is metronidazole (also sold as Flagyl)
This NHS guide to prescribing for bf mothers suggests that the oral course you have been prescribed is safe.

More detailed info here - if it doesn't come up go to Toxnet and choose LactMed, then type metronidazole in the search box

Mummy369 Thu 01-Oct-09 13:57:57

According to Hale, treatment with Metronidazole is in the 2nd lowest risk category for Breastfeeding.

One study found if your total dose is within 600-1200mg daily the estimated daily dose received by infants is 3mg/kg - well below the therapeutic dose of 10-20mg/kg per day given to infants.

I think it would be beneficial for you to contact the Breastfeeding Network for further information and reassurance. If you e-mail, they usually respond with the information within a few hours - don't be put off by the standard acknowledgement which will say 24-48 hours.

Good luck smile - oh, and do ask BFN about possible alternative drugs - give as much information as you can regarding your condition, type of parasite where in the intestine it is etc.. and they may suggest a range of alternatives

sirmione Thu 01-Oct-09 21:49:45

Thanks very very much both for all the information. Basically my doc wouldn't entertain the idea of an alternative. He's a bit of a 'character' eg when I mentioned that DD had had a skull fracture he said 'what happened did you smash her head against a wall? ha ha' hmmmm. Anyway, checked out all your links and also contacted the BFN who came back to me within hours saying that it might make the milk taste a bit metallic, but otherwise all OK.
Vastly relieved I don't have to give up and really pleased I posted first. Pesky parasites.
Thanks again

NotQuiteCockney Fri 02-Oct-09 06:56:19

Pesky GPs, more like. Glad to see this had a happy resolution!

Mummy369 Fri 09-Oct-09 12:31:50

Really pleased for you and I hope you feel better soon smile

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