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Making up formula whilst away for weekend

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auntyspan Wed 30-Sep-09 20:58:06

Hi. My DD is 7 months and FF. She's on 5 bottles a day, 3 x 5oz and 2 x 7oz. We're going to a wedding reception next month and will be away for two days.
I make up formula in advance (I know I know) as that's how I did it with my previous daughter with no ill effects. Obviously I can't do this whilst being away - I can use cartons for a couple of feeds but DD finds it quite difficult to digest so don't want to give it to her for all 5 feeds.

What I think I'll do is sterilise three bottles as normal, then fill with boiling water and seal, and then cool. When I'm ready to use the bottles I think I'll heat the water to drink-ready temperature and then add the powder.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

JigglyPiggy Wed 30-Sep-09 21:22:16

well the way we make up the bottles for FF is to sterilise the bottles and then fill with boiled water and then cool and have them in the fridge / bottle bag. When DS needs a feed we then add the formula and heat the bottles to the right temp.

You can get little storage pots for the formula so you can measure out the right amount to take with you.

This is how we did it for DD and I know things have changed with the instructions formula so I hope im not going to get any abuse for doing it the 'wrong' way

auntyspan Wed 30-Sep-09 21:38:30

Thanks jiggly. I don't know anyone who makes it up correctly as it's such a nightmare. I make up all mine 24 hours in advance!

Coolbag is a good idea, will take some freezer packs with me. Thanks.

JigglyPiggy Wed 30-Sep-09 21:45:18

its such a nightmare that I'm now peeking at the relactation threads!

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