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stopping breast feeding, rock-hard boobs!

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mamahug Wed 30-Sep-09 15:12:17

Even though I have tried to stop feeding slowly over the last month, my breasts are still producing masses of milk and are rock hard and really painful all the time.
To relieve the pain I have been doing just enough expressing to take the 'top' off, so that my boobs aren't leaking everywhere.
Is this the right thing to do?? Why isn't my milk production slowing down? (It did for dd1 and was no problem at all).
thanks for any advice on this.

Mummy369 Wed 30-Sep-09 20:12:18

I think you may have to just go 'cold turkey' - it is likely to be painful for 2-3 days, perhaps, but then start to ease. If the slowing down and gradual reduction in feeding isn't working then I think this may be the next option. I wouldn't advise you express 'a little' as this will stimulate further milk production and compound the problem.

It is important to wear a good, well-fitting, supportive bra. This will minimise any extra stimulation caused by the natural movement of the breasts.

mamahug Mon 05-Oct-09 14:15:28

thanks, I did it - thought I was going to explode though!

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