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DD has started cluster fedding again

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comewhinewithme Tue 29-Sep-09 18:15:59

She is 4 months and wants constant boob from about 5 until 10pm what is going on?
She did this from birth until about 6 weeks then stopped until the last few days when it has all started up again.

comewhinewithme Tue 29-Sep-09 18:16:19

That would be Feeding.

HappyBump Tue 29-Sep-09 18:23:24

my DS was the same, it was a month long growth spurt ... except he insisted on being fed every 1-2 hours (so pretty much constantly) from 7pm - 7am ... it was a long month.

I just tried to console myself with the fact that I was lucky to spend so much quality time with him! hmm

It does get better though eventually.

TamTam29 Wed 30-Sep-09 09:22:33

Just wanted to say that im also in the same boat!

It has been every 2.5 hrs morning & night for me for the last 10 days - especially difficult as I have a toddler to get to preschool in the mornings and he has decided to start teething again so as soon as I have stopped BF DS2 in the night DS1 wakes up! And also trying to fit feeds into getting up, dressed & out the house by 8.45, dropping DS1 off, and picking DS1 up again is such a challenge! My house is a complete tip & Ive had to send my washing over to my mums as we were starting to run out of clean clothes!

Then last night he decided to sleep through the night again so I had to wake him up at 5 to feed him as I was in agony by then.

Oh Happy bump - a month! sad

DS1 was ready to be weaned when he hit his 4 month growth spurt but this little man isnt ready yet, im hoping after last night that this is the beginning of the end of it! but I know not to get too excited! LOL

I have also been BF for the first night feed but if he needs one after that then DH gives him a bottle. As he was already going through the night I dont think it will effect my supply as much as being completely shattered from no sleep!

Im also trying to eat really healthily at the moment in the hope that combined with the constant feeding i might actually shift some of this baby weight grin

comewhinewithme Wed 30-Sep-09 19:44:31

Thanks Tam and Happybump glad to know I am not alone.
The thing with dd is I have been very lucky as she has slept through from six weeks (last feed at 11pm and waking at 5 for a feed) but it is the constant feeding during the day I can't get anything done and with the other dc to look after tis getting hard.
I am also sufferinf with helpful hmm friends and family telling me to get her on a bottle and the best one yet was from my friend today telling me it was my fault dd wanted feeding all teh time because she can smell my milk, this lady has also done a bf training course [sigh].
Hope it gets better for you both soon.

fruitpastille Thu 01-Oct-09 22:17:38

Hi can I join in with my tale of woe?! DD is 15 weeks now. After the first couple of weeks she was cluster feeding all evening before finally going down any time from 10pm-12am. This seemed ok as she would then sleep till about 6am sometimes later so I was resigned to having no evening but getting a good nights sleep. I was amazed that she slept through - DS never did till 7 months and switched completely to formula. Anyway, now she is still feeding all evening but now waking once (sometimes twice) around 2-3am and takes anything from 30mins to 2 hours to go back to sleep in her bed. She has fairly regular 3 hours feeds through the day and is maintaining 75th percentile so it's not like she needs the calories! She is doing a lot of the evening/night feeding for comfort and I'm not sure how to stop this. She won't take a dummy. Right now I have got fed up and left her to cry for about 10-15 mins which has worked on some other days but it's not really what I want to resort to plus don't want to disturb 2.5 year old DS in next door room! How am I ever going to get her in a bedtime routine of going down around 8pm similar to DS? It seems that none of my friends in same position are having this issue! I just can't see things improving at the moment. Tempted to try formula in the evening but I have been through a lot of difficulties bf (still use nipple shields) and feel buggered if I'm going to give in now!

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