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Please help!!! Do you think my baby has oral thrush...?

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LadyLotty Tue 29-Sep-09 13:58:52

This may sound really silly but I am getting very conflicting advice from different GPs and I'm so confused, really don't know if my 16wk old baby now has oral thrush?!?

2 months ago he was diagnosed with oral thrush, was given Daktarin oral gel, I was treated with Daktarin cream, I was also on a full course of Fluconazole (the full works -- 400mg initiation dose followed by 14 days of 200mg). This was then topped up with another 7 days of 100mg of Fluco for me and another tube full of Daktarin oral gel for the baby.

The above treatment all stopped 1 week ago as another GP said the baby didn't have oral thrush. however...

My baby has a white coating on the top of his mouth which since last week has gotten gradually thicker, and a white tongue, and this white stuff is not coming off when I swab it with clean finger swab.

When I put gentian violet in my baby's mouth, the white coating shows through, as if the violet liquid is just glossing over the surface and not able to stick/stain it.

He makes clicky sounds during the feed especially at the beginning -- as if not able to seal the mouth completely, but after a couple of minutes this stops and he is able to suck. Particularly at night he feeds a lot more and is fine.

He only sometimes cries a lot when I put him to my breast. Other times he doesn't appear bothered at all. When he is really hungry he just latches on without fuss/cries and sucks hungrily.

He does seem to always prefer one side to another for feeds -- sometimes its the left boob, other times its the right.

I've so far gone to 4 different GPs/paeds, 2 say he has oral thrush, 2 says he doesn't. I'm not getting any pain/stings whilst feeding. But I don't know whether my baby has oral thrush?

Any thoughts??

Yorky Tue 29-Sep-09 15:26:20

Do you have thrush on your nipple? Pink, shiny?
It is unlikely he has it if you don't as I always got it at the same time as DD, but no guarantee.
What do the GPs which say not thrush say it is?

LadyLotty Tue 29-Sep-09 15:31:27

I don't have thrush on my nipples now, or at least its not at all pink and shiny at the moment and certainly not painful.

The GPs that believe its not thrush just didn't give a diagnosis. They just dismissed what I described above and also their colleagues who prescribed the daktarin and fluconazole...

Longtalljosie Tue 29-Sep-09 17:17:08

Have they swabbed his mouth at all?

My baby (6 weeks) has a white tongue, I was told it was normal...

cairns Wed 30-Sep-09 19:06:51

2nd that on getting your GP to swab the mouth.

DS1 had oral thrush as i was very lumpy on his tongue. DS2 (6wks) has a very white tongue and I suspected it could be thrush (I had no other symptoms though). Instead of prescribing the GP just swabbed his tongue and it cam back clear, I think a furry white tongue is normal, but if it has thick patchy lumpy bits then it could be thrush.

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