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Does anyone know a cure for twiddling that doesn't involve gaffer tape or bolt cutters

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GreenMonkies Mon 28-Sep-09 17:36:21

Before I lose my mind........... shock

mamadiva Mon 28-Sep-09 17:47:24

My friend has a necklace with a dangly bit on it that DS likes to twiddle with, I am assuming you mean LO is twiddling with your norks should have asked first maybe... oh well LOL.

GreenMonkies Mon 28-Sep-09 20:51:50

I have tried nursing necklaces, she pulls them so had she nearly be-heads me! Or ignores them. She fiddles and twiddles and her nails scratch as she tries to firtle her fingers into my bra, under my boob, over my boob, into my armpit, and if she actually manages to get hold of my nipple she tweaks and rolls it like a crazy thing. She's three, she is old enough to understand "don't do that" and that she's hurting me, but it doesn't stop her, especially when she's very tired or just nodding off. I generally tell her to stop or move her arm/hand, but she gets really irate or wakes up if I'm not careful.

DD1 did it a bit, but responded to threats of boob-removal, (and she has bitten her nails from a very early age, so she didn't ever scratch me like DD2 does) so it was never such a huge issue. This time around it means I can't nurse and doze with her as she shreds me or twists my nips.

It's maddening. I'm actually having weaning fantasies....... sad

mamadiva Tue 29-Sep-09 09:21:53

Oh I see I thought you meant a teeny baby blush

Agree that 3 is old enough to know what she is doing and should be able to leave you alone, I did'nt BF DS so am just drawing from friend's experiences here but have you tried reading to her and distracting her?

I know that worked with a 1YO failing that maybe it is time to either get her to respond to boob removal (loving that term BTW) or taking it away all together.

I know it sounds horrid but you have already done very well BF'ing for 3 years and if it is causing you so much pain and stress then maybe it is time to start weaning away from it.

Poledra Tue 29-Sep-09 09:28:37

Have you tried puttig gloves on her? I don't have any experience of your issue, but when I was about the same age and had terrible eczema, my mum used to put cotton socks over my hands at night to stop me scratching in my sleep.

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