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Bottle brush with sponge not bristles

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matnanplus Tue 07-Jun-05 15:48:43

Hello MN's,

Would appreciate your help, I am a maternity nurse and I'm trying to find a bottle 'brush' that is made of sponge/foam not bristles!!

Baby is on thicker formula and bristles aren't completely effective at bottle cleaning, have seen this 2 types of the brush style (and used) in London but am in Bucks.

Have tried the regular stores but just get a shaken head and looks of disbelief and nothing on ebay.


Newbarnsleygirl Tue 07-Jun-05 15:52:09

I got a spong cleaner with my Dr Browns Bottles but that is for the teats.

Just get on of those sponge cleaners that are on a handle that you use for washing up. You know the ones, you fill up the handle with washing up liquid. You just get replacement sponges for them every so often.

That will do the trick and you'll be sterilising them anyway I would imagine.

tamula Tue 07-Jun-05 15:54:20

Do you ahve those pound store type places near you? Or a general store should stock them? You could get one of those sponges on the end of a longtube that you fill with washing up liquid, do you know what i mean?!! Have you tried these stores:


WigWamBam Tue 07-Jun-05 16:10:35

There are some here

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