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7 month old refusing formula in bottle and cups - any tips?

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dinkystinky Sun 27-Sep-09 20:08:48

DS2 is 7 and a half months. Has been mixed feeding now for just over a month - BF morning and night and bottles (Avent, no 2 teats) during the day (as am back at work). Never a really enthusiastic formula drinker but would normally take 4 oz morning and afternoon which when supplemented with yoghurt and other dairy products during the day was enough. He has been teething this last week and basically refused bottles - and sippy cups - and doidy cups - of milk during the day all week but will bf evening and morning - and because he hasnt had any milk during the day, pretty much all through the night too. The tooth has now broken through but he's still refusing bottles and screaming because he's hungry but wont take a bottle or cup or solids. The all night BFing is killing me as I can barely function at work and have an energetic 3 and a half year old to deal with too. Anyone got any tips on how to get the little one onto the bottle - or the cup - again during the day?

dinkystinky Mon 28-Sep-09 08:47:03


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