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Quick poll: aluminium free deodorant

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StealthPolarBear Sun 27-Sep-09 16:53:32

Did you use it at all? If so:
- first few weeks?
- first six months?
- first year?
- until you'd completely stopped breastfeeding?

Just wondering, DD is a week old, so unless I find out I'm being completely paranoid I'll continue using it for the foreseeable future but I hate it! Used it with DS until around the time I went back to work (strangely enough!)

mrsjuan Sun 27-Sep-09 16:56:35

Oh poo - something else to feel guilty about! Not at all. Haven't even thought about it.

cassell Sun 27-Sep-09 17:10:57

Never heard of it, like mrsjuan never thought about it.

StealthPolarBear Sun 27-Sep-09 17:29:46

ooh this is sounding hopeful.
Maybe I can start using some that actually sticks to my armpits...

StealthPolarBear Sun 27-Sep-09 17:30:07

not that I take the word of MN as gospel or anything like that blush

wellbalanced Sun 27-Sep-09 19:17:17

Nope im not using... Ive have changed to roll on instead of spray-prob makes no diff!!!!

upsydaisysexstylist Mon 28-Sep-09 07:52:10

Have used but find they tend to work for about half a bottle and not at all around my period. Tisserend do an essential oil based one which whilst no better than the rest smells so strongly of lemon it kinda negates ant niff. my ds is 18mnths and I have only just pbought proper deoderant. I don't think it's paranoia at all

PortAndLemon Mon 28-Sep-09 07:55:14

Didn't use at all either time (didn't use aluminium-free at all, not didn't use anti-perspirant at all).

CarmenSanDiego Mon 28-Sep-09 08:10:13

I changed to a crystal deodorant, thought it would be absolute bollocks but it's fab. I live in a warm climate and am always really dry at the end of the day. And I reckon it'll last forever - you just moisten it a bit and rub it on.

JetLi Mon 28-Sep-09 09:06:20

Crystal here too.

BertieBotts Mon 28-Sep-09 09:30:25

I use natrel but have no idea if it's aluminium free. What is the reasoning behind it?

I don't use deoderant with aluminium in full stop, I have tried so many it is untrue and imo Toms of Maine (Sainsburys and I'm sure other places too) is by far the best one.

BeingMother Mon 28-Sep-09 15:51:59

yay for crystal deodorant. I actually had used crystal years ago, then was travelling and it was hard to find so switched to ordinary deodorant. When I got pregnant my skin got really sensitive and underarms were constantly itchy. I switched to crystal then and it solved that problem, so I am continuing it now and will probably continue on even after stopping bf (which I'm not planning on for a good while).

StealthPolarBear Mon 28-Sep-09 16:11:06

thanks everyone
might look into toms of maine then (only ever seen that bionsen stuff). Where would i get crystal deodorant?

CarmenSanDiego Mon 28-Sep-09 16:23:33

This is the one I use - their website says you can get them at Boots in the UK. You might be able to get it from an American site though if they'll ship to the UK (

I reckon it'll last forever

StealthPolarBear Mon 28-Sep-09 16:26:20

Oh thanks, I will have a look next time i'm in as I hate the bionsen (although I think it does work I'm just paranoid!). I did have a look round in the supermarket the other day and couldn't see anything else aluminium free.

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