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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Breast Pump

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LittleCheese Sun 27-Sep-09 16:37:10

Has anyone used this pump? With it being quite new there are not very many reviews online.

I currently have a Medela Mini Electric which I do not get on with at all, With DD1 I tried a Manuel pump which I also disliked so am looking for a new electric pump and as I have TT bottles thought it would be handy to have a pump which is compatible.

Any info greatly appreciated

mrsjuan Sun 27-Sep-09 16:39:58

I have heard anecdotally that the TT pumps are better if you have big boobs which is obviously why I didn't get on with the manual TT one I had wink

LittleCheese Sun 27-Sep-09 16:43:02

i was wondering if it was my big boobs causing the problem with the Medela. Think I might have to nip to Mothercare tomorrow for the TT as they have 33% off it at the minute

Elpis Sun 27-Sep-09 23:18:56

I've just bought it (half price at and it works pretty well - I was using the TT manual before. Be careful putting it together, though. I inserted a valve the wrong way up and it produced a strange effect... I'm an E cup right now.

The thing I like about TT pumps is the sterilising box. It fits in the microwave and takes three minutes. That said, the need to ensure the whole thing is dry before starting to express is a bit time-consuming, tho' I'd imagine that's the same with any electric pump.

AppleAndBlackberry Mon 28-Sep-09 10:04:59

I bought this and then returned it because it was worse than a manual pump for me and didn't get very much out.

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