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I'm producing breastmilk 4 months after stopping - is this normal or just plain weird?

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8rubberduckies Sun 27-Sep-09 07:43:13

I weaned my ds at 10 months when I returned to work, but last night my other half noticed I was leaking a little breast milk (not something I've noticed before).

I'm not too concerned but just interested, as haven't heard of this before... Has anyone else experienced this? Was it from unexpectedly starting producing again or some just lingering on?

swissmiss Sun 27-Sep-09 12:41:02

dont know if it is usual but you are not alone. i was the same. iirc it was nearer a year before my milk went completely. knowing me it is wierd. grin

Reallytired Sun 27-Sep-09 12:42:52

People have been able to produce breastmilk years after stopping breastfeeding.

If it is a real nuisance then there are mediations that can stop you leaking. However the side affects of these medications are often worse than the occassional milk leak.

8 years later and I can still produce breast milk.

ineedalifelaundry Sun 27-Sep-09 13:26:03

Have read somewhere that this is completely normal, even a year after stopping.

8rubberduckies Mon 28-Sep-09 10:21:17

Thanks for your replies, don't think I'll go down the medication route as not a huge problem, will wait and see what happens wink

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