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Can I take immodium while breastfeeding?

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MaMight Sat 26-Sep-09 12:29:43

It says not to on the packet. But I often read on MN that there are almost no medications you can't have while BFing.

I'm so squitty and I want it to stop

CharCharGabor Sat 26-Sep-09 12:46:52

this says Immodium is fine smile Hope you feel better soon.

MaMight Sat 26-Sep-09 13:32:58

Thank you CharChar.

Longtalljosie Sat 26-Sep-09 13:54:34

I have had this conversation with the out of hours GP myself - it's fine. Hope you feel better soon x

MaMight Sat 26-Sep-09 14:28:21

That's reassuring Josie, thanks.

What is particularly annoying is that I have a nasty cut on my thumb which keeps opening up and bleeding everywhere if I don't have a plaster on, but you can't give your hands a jolly good wash with a plaster on your thumb and good handwashing is obviously vital and frequent with squits, so I'm arsing around with new plasters and hurting my thumb every time I go. Moan moan. But it's sometimes just a little thing that tips you over the edge isn't it?

Longtalljosie Mon 28-Sep-09 13:37:07

Yes, it is, I know what you mean. And when you're feeling rubbish everything gets to you... Are you any better now?

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