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Bizarre letdown triggers.

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Cowwomanmoo Sat 26-Sep-09 02:42:17

Iv been practicing imaging the baby crying as I express milk with a pump, seems to help no end. Now Iv still got to persuade him to take it, trying Tippy bottle tomorrow. Iv also started crazy let down squirting, (Sound of choking baby on bus under scarf) but thats another issue.
So far my odd trigger let down thoughts have been when I was thinking about my DD going to brownies and being the only one who turned up on church parade and being 'the brownie'. She was there stood with three women who call them selfs animal names, on many a stormy Sunday morning, (DH and I used this time to be fruitful) and several years ago when pregnant with DD, I got a wet shirt when a mate was telling me about being broken into. Any other strange letdown triggers out there?

PandaEis Sat 26-Sep-09 03:01:30

not many here from me except i used to get a 'let down' if i sneezed but only on my right sidehmm i had to double to breast pads when i went out anywhere and bring a stockgrin dark clothing helped a little toogrin

Cowwomanmoo Sun 27-Sep-09 01:33:07

I’m in black most of the time now, because of unwanted milk stainage. My DH is in IT and allot of the IT boys wear black tee shirts most of the time and can notoriously be a bit wiffy, DH say they wear them to cover up sweat stains.Thankfuly works for milk as well.

Jacksmama Sun 27-Sep-09 01:44:22

Yoga class does it to me. Weirdness on a stick.

Cowwomanmoo Sun 27-Sep-09 01:47:46


StayFrosty Sun 27-Sep-09 02:13:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bridewolf Sun 27-Sep-09 11:47:47

just keep a old towel next to the bed!

Cowwomanmoo Sun 27-Sep-09 22:29:32

That came as a bit of a shock the last time, the fountain of milk into partners eye.
I haven’t felt brave enough to go there yet as my recent baby (11 weeks old) had a head like a Mekon and got tearing this time round.
Found another let down trigger yesterday at the bookshop, classic kids picture books.

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