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Not breastfed all day today - teething

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terf Fri 25-Sep-09 19:58:11

Feeling pretty down - my DD who's 8 months and has two newly acquired teeth has been taking great pleasure at the start of each feeding attempt to bite down hard - I would describe the pain as two razor blades cutting the underside of my nipple. It was painful enough when she would bite down and had no teeth but now with teeth its too much to bear. I've tried 'No' - been trying that for weeks without success. Have stopped the session and tried to resume again. None of it has worked. Now my whole body tenses up every time she tries to latch and then almost inevitably she will bite. She's happily taking the bottle from daddy however, so am feeling a bit downhearted that this maybe the beginning of the end of our breastfeeding adventure - its never been easy but I've persisted and hoped to feed her till at least 12 months if not longer. Read the tips on kellymom but not had much success - any other tips or support anyone?

whomovedmychocolate Fri 25-Sep-09 20:17:13

What's in the bottle? It's much easier to drink out of a bottle in terms of effort.

It hopefully will end. But you could express for a day to get a rest. Have you tried putting your hand on the back of her neck so her head is very controlled and she's really gaping to latch on - it's very hard to bite from this position.

Chin up, you are doing great to get this far. I went through similar with DD and went on to feed her till she self weaned (she's 3 now). I think I put teething gel in before feeds so her gums weren't sore and it stopped her wanting to bite me.

DS however has never tried! Thank goodness!

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