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2 year old drinks from open cup at meal times sipping ok but....HELP

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bumbly Fri 25-Sep-09 14:20:33

loves his milk and has it morning, after lunch and before bed in his bottle

teats now getting very chewed up as he has all teeth

however during milk times an open cup is not really suitable as he cuddles up to a book, runs around etc ...spills easily

what shall i use

have tried a free flowing tomee tipee cup with spout on top which seems ok...but it does say not for warm liquids as top may pop ???

any advice for a cup that can hold warm liquids
or am i barking up the wrong tree completely!

what do you do

DLI Sat 26-Sep-09 13:58:42

i bought some toddler cups with lids with spouts, they are spillproof and i use them to put warm tea or milk in and they are fine. (they are just Boots' own)

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