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BF at 16 wks -- Is it my milk supply that is low, or is it DD eating

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LadyLotty Thu 24-Sep-09 20:28:27

I'm a first time mom so I've no idea on this one -- help me please!!

I've always had enough milk for my DD (who is a big baby, consistently at 75th percentile for weight and more than doubled his birth weight by 15 wks).

I've exclusively breast fed since DD was born, but from about a week ago I realised that rather than my feeling the usual breast engorgement at every few hourly intervals, my breasts have now become always permanently soft (i.e. not the gradually getting heavier and the balloon-like fullness!) Its almost as if the breasts are not storing and keeping the milk any more. Is that normal? Am I producing less milk? Or is my body becoming more efficient?

I look at my baby for signs -- he is sucking and eating his fingers a lot more, often just after he has finished feeding. I know he isn't starving (he doesn't cry for food, for instance) but I'm not sure whether he is also telling me he would like to eat more?? Am I providing enough? He also wakes 2-3 times during the night now, compared with just once, for feeds.

Is it time to think about weaning, or supplement with formula, or shall I just carry on with the increased wakings and soft breast feeds?

Sorry for all these questions!!!
Any thoughts?

whyme2 Thu 24-Sep-09 20:31:19

I think this is normal. The baby goes through a growth spurt at around 16 weeks so you're breasts take a day or two to catch up. They also get better at producing milk without you feeling so 'full'.

Keep bf, you are doing fine. My dd started waking more at four months until things settled again a few weeks later and she was exclusively bf.


whyme2 Thu 24-Sep-09 20:32:15

Oh and my dd was 91 percentile so was one of the bigger ones.

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