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Advice - How to get my breast fed baby to take a bottle

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MissHarrison Wed 23-Sep-09 21:37:44

I breast feed My 14week old baby and have periodically given her a bottle and we had no problems - but she has just decided now that she wont take it - I havent give her a bottle for two weeks... did I leave it too long?? Also I think she has got a negative association with foriegn things in her mouth as she got really up set when earlier that day I gave her some calpol in a syringe - .... how can I get her to take it again - have tried the tommy tippee teats and also the avent teat? but getting it in her mouth is a mission - any ideas...

claireyfairey1975 Thu 24-Sep-09 00:32:51

Try leaving her with someone else. She will be able to smell your milk and probably won't take th bottle from you.
Try a cup with formula in , my youngest refused a bottle full stop and we got round it this way.
Good Luck

Cowwomanmoo Thu 24-Sep-09 01:02:41

I came on to ask about the same thing, EBM in a bottle given by DH and DD a couple of weeks ago, no problems. Baby 11 weeks old.
Calpol recently for jabs and not taken bottle since. Is it better to be totally out of the room when bottle is given perhaps? Was looking forward to nipping out for an hour or two for Anniversary but looks scuppered now? DH says baby will have a bottle if hungry enough, not happy with that as a concept.

olivo Thu 24-Sep-09 08:23:13

the only teat my bf DD would take was the Mam one - it is kind of flat, not round, supposed to resemble the nipple. they fit avent bottles as well as mam ones. might be worth a try?

MissHarrison Sat 26-Sep-09 22:07:07

thanks - will give thoses teats a go..

lowrib Sat 26-Sep-09 22:51:05

My BF baby took a bottle no problem a 6 weeks, I thought great, he can do that fine. Then when we actually needed him to several weeks later would he take the bottle again? No!

We just kept on trying from time to time. The WORST time of all was when he was already hungry, as he got upset with the bottle as he didn't associate it with food.

What finally worked for us was my DP took DS to sit in the pub garden down the road with a couple of his mates. The guys has a beer, and DS happily tucked into a bottle. Honestly! Make of that what you will!

(I reckon the most important bit was that I wasn't there tbh).

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