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Has anyone used First Years Breasflow Bottles? What did you think?

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LittleMan Wed 23-Sep-09 21:30:35

Hi All
Am currently struggling to get breastfed DD to take a bottle. She is now 16 weeks old and am doing it for a little relief and help as also have very busy and active 3 year old and would like to have the odd night off!! Do not want to give up breastfeeding altogether. However, although DD took Avent bottle at around 7 weeks, now flatly refuses to take any type of bottle. Have tried various bottle and teats with no luck. Just one very frustrated Mummy, Daddy and baby! She just rolls them around in her mouth and pushes them out. Have found out about First Years Breastflow bottles and all reviews on their site say fab. One on Mothercare say good but can leak. Just wondered if anyone out there has any comments before I buy as expensive.

thisisyesterday Wed 23-Sep-09 21:39:22

tonnes of them in tk maxx recently if you have one near you. that would be a bit cheaper!

tbh i think that if they don't want a bottle then they just won't take one. no bottle is similar enough to breast to trick them into thinking it is, so you have to rely on them actually wanting to feed from it.

i would pick one and persevere, or use a cup/syringe

JetLi Thu 24-Sep-09 11:08:34

We like the Breastflow bottles. We had a bad start at breastfeeding which involved DD being exclusively bottle-fed EBM. We eventually got back to BF but we continue to give EBM by Breastflow bottle once or twice every 10 days or so, just to keep her used to the bottle. The bottles are indeed a bargain in TK Maxx at the moment if you have one nearby.
DD always looks somewhat puzzled when she gets the bottle - not sure if it's the bottle that causes this reaction, or if it is that DP is giving it grin

LittleMan Thu 24-Sep-09 14:18:37

Hi Jetli
Thanks for that note of encouragement. Do you find they leak or anything, some reviews I have read on Mothercare said they leaked when shaken etc
What a clever girl to go back to breastfeeding after being bottle fed, I don't know many people that have managed to do it that way round!
Might pop to TK Maxx tom then and see if I can pick up some. Stage 1 or 2 teats do you think?

nomorelostweekends Thu 24-Sep-09 15:25:35

They have worked for us after DD2 refused all others we tried. They do leak occasionally when shaken but it hasn't been a major problem and tbh i was so pleased that she drank from it I don't care!!!

GruffaloMama Thu 24-Sep-09 19:11:13

Hiya - we used them occasionally. DS wasn't smitten but then he wasn't delighted with any bottles until he got to 8mo and I had to go back to work (his love of milk overcame his antipathy to silicon).

I found that they only leaked if I hadn't lined up the inner and outer teat properly (there's a little groove that links them together). And they do come as standard with a cap - kind of handy for EBM in the fridge. HTH.

JetLi Fri 25-Sep-09 09:16:37

Hi LittleMan - we've only had leaks for the same reasons as GruffaloMama when we haven't lined up the inner and outer teats properly.
Not sure about teats - DD at 10 weeks is on stage 1 teats but I'm guessing she'll need stage 2 at some point but I don't know when. Therefore I feel a trip to TK Maxx coming on myself actually grin

betsybee Fri 25-Sep-09 16:43:27

i think they're totally fantastic. they facilitated successful mixed feeding on my first when i couldn't get enough milk supply. number 2 doesn't like bottles, but needs them for the same reason, and will take breastflow eventually. they do leak, but are totally superior to any other bottles. tommee tippee are overrated. i found stage one and stage 2 very similar, but i haven't been able to find replacement teats anywhere, tk here i come. xx

LittleMan Fri 25-Sep-09 19:46:09

Thanks guys, this has been really useful, and have now decided to go ahead and get one/some. Tried TK this morning where I live but didn't have any, so not sure they get distributed everywhere - Mothercare supposed to have them though.
Thanks again for all your advice.

you Fri 02-Oct-09 09:24:25

Have you bought one of these yet?

I have a new one I was sent through the post you can have FFP if you want?

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