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9MO DD won't drink ANYTHING that's not from a boob!!

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tinybaba Wed 23-Sep-09 19:31:53

My 9MO DD will basically not drink anything from anything, other than BF. This worries me because she has cut down her BFs a lot since starting weaning (sometimes only has 2 a day) and did not increase BF when on holiday (despite it being over 40degrees) or when ill (wasn't eating so didn't get any fluids from food either). Both the holiday and illness meant numerous dry nappies. I offered BF lots during the day but this was a nightmare (just pushed me away, tries to crawl/ roll away..!).

I have offered her water with every meal for 3 months in every cup on the market (and also tried shot glasses and a spoon!). I have also tried breast milk and she won't have that from a cup either. She will very occasionally take warmed breast milk from a bottle. I have now tried diluted fruit juice and she wouldn't go near it.

She eats well but has stopped eating fruit (hopefully a phase...) but will have milk on her cereal and yoghurt. I go back to work in a couple of months and work long hours so Bfeefing is going to be very difficult (at best a morning feed).
Has anyone else had this problem, does it get better??!!.
Any help much appreciated as I'm tearing my hair out!!

whomovedmychocolate Wed 23-Sep-09 21:38:07

There is water in food you know. Don't stress, this will pass. The best thing is to leave a cup there every time and eventually she will pick it up and try it. It's all random for the first year or so.

But if she is getting dehydrated, change what food you are offering to give her more wet foods.

Are you sure she's not teething though - DS will quite often be fussy and refuse to breastfeed but will eat solid foods when he's got sore gums.

tinybaba Thu 24-Sep-09 14:19:50

I don't think it's teething as she has been refusing bfeeds for a couple of months now. Am going to try just leaving the cup as we're doing BLW so she's used to feeding herself, I did think it could be me holding the cup that she objects to!

snorkie Thu 24-Sep-09 14:56:42

dd was exactly like that. Refused bottles, cups etc etc for a long time. To be honest I can't remember quite how/when it resolved itself (probably started around 12-14 months), but when she was about 22 months she was definitely drinking other stuff from cups - I remember this, because she had her first chocolate milkshake then & after starting her evening feed that day paused, looked at me & said "I want chocolate milk in there" pointing at my boob! So she clearly still had a boob preference even then.

tinybaba Thu 24-Sep-09 21:36:53

Snorkie that's hilarious!!, gosh I think my DD will be like that. She's not had chocolate yet but I'm a complete chocoholic and I think chocolate and boob will be her idea of heaven!

Catzee Thu 24-Sep-09 22:12:20

Oooo I had a DD just like this. It got better when I stopped breastfeeding when she was one year old, but she still only drank very small amounts - literally just one or two sips every few hours, until fairly recently (she's 2 now).

I think it's just perseverance. I remember when I got her to drink a sip from a cup I would give her LOADS of cheering / clapping / praise. That did help. Also got some exciting cups with Upsy Daisy and Thomas the Tank Engine on - this worked when she was a bit older, about 18 months.

You can add extra water / milk to her food or give her watery food such as melon, grapes, soups if you're worried about her fliud intake in the meantime.

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