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really struggling to feed my baby...

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AliGrylls Wed 23-Sep-09 12:34:07

My child was diagnosed with reflux a few weeks ago. Over the past 4 weeks he has only gained 100g and paediatrician has prescribed high energy formula which I have to give to him twice a day. He is just over 3 months old.

The problem is that I am really struggling to give it to him. He hardly takes any of it. He either is crying his eyes out or laughing and playing when I try to give it to him.

I have tried various methods to get him to take it including stretching out the time in between feeds (he is fed on a 3 hourly cycle roughly), tricking him into eating by offering him breast first and then shoving bottle in, tried different locations in the house - his favourite place / the place he likes least.

I don't know what else to try? I am starting to find it a real struggle because he only wants to feed from breast (which would be fine if he was not underweight).

Does anyone have any ideas about how to give him formula so that he likes it? Please help - it is stressing me out.

tiktok Wed 23-Sep-09 12:38:42

AliGrylls, that's difficult. I think the easiest first step is to call the paediatrician - he/she will have a nurse (probably) whose job it is to offer support and contact between paed. visits.

There may be ideas the nurse can suggest.

Or you can discuss other options with her - breastfeeding more (there are a no. of ways you can get more breastfeeding in), offering the hi-cal formula in a cup or with a spoon or a syringe.

Whatever....a baby who resists in this way is likely to get worse at accepting the bottle, not better, the more you fight

You definitely need another approach.

Arsed Wed 23-Sep-09 12:39:53

What meds is he for the reflux ?

My Ds had reflux and was fully breastfed and I found that his dosage needed uping every couple of weeks at one point ( he was on domperidone, renitidine and gaviscon )

He also didn't gain much weight.

We tried the high energy stuff but i'd have had more luck feeing him a vindaloo i think, it tastes rancid and he's a proper boob monster.

Well he tke EBM from a bottle ? they could give you maxijul to put in that, it;s just calorie powder.

AliGrylls Wed 23-Sep-09 12:43:46

I have tried the bf'ing more.

Started getting up at 3.30 every morning to give an extra overnight feed. It made a difference for a week and then for some reason he just stopped eating as much during the day.

I will try and call the paed. I am getting so stressed by it all. I wish he would just eat. I don't know what is wrong with my baby. LarryGrylls and I are at our wits end.

AliGrylls Wed 23-Sep-09 12:46:28

He is on renitidine and gaviscon. Maybe I should try giving him a bit more Gavie. We have tried to cut Gavie down recently but maybe he needs it.

I think it is something to do with the bottle. He gets a bit windy from it.

suwoo Wed 23-Sep-09 12:55:30

I have the perfect solution for you, this.

I have one as been having to top DS up, not used it yet though.

AliGrylls Mon 28-Sep-09 17:11:40

Really happy. For the first time in a month he has gained weight. He is feeding better too. Ooooh the relief of it all.

GreenMonkies Mon 28-Sep-09 17:33:22

Two Questions;

Firstly, have you established the cause of his reflux? 50% of babies with reflux are intolerant to bovine casein (cows milk protien) and improve or get totally better when it is removed from their diet, which means no cows milk based formula and no dairy for mum. Results are not instant, it takes about 10-14 days for all traces to clear your systems, but it's worth trying for two weeks to see if it helps.

Secondly, why is he feeding on a three hourly cycle? Lots of reflux babies like to feed little and often, a small feed is less likely to rise back up, where as a large feed stretches the stomach and is more likely to flow back and be painful. Also, for weight gain the best thing is to feed more often, rather than to a schedule. If he squeaks, put your boob in his mouth! Make sure he is upright during feeds, not laid back, and feed as often as you can, ditch and dummies you may have and let him comfort nurse. Perhaps try a lot of skin to skin, carry him in a sling and encourage him to feed and nurse as much as possible.

Is he actually losing weight or is he just not gaining as fast as the red book says he should? If he is happy, gaining weight (even slowly) and is chubby and alert, and producing plenty of wet and dirty nappies then I'd be tempted to bin the formula and just let him gain at his own pace. At 12 weeks there is often a growth spurt, and formula supplements won't help your supply meet his demands at all!

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