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Exhausted and struggling

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roslily Wed 23-Sep-09 01:10:32

Baby is 2 and half weeks old and thriving-gaining lots of weight etc.

I however am struggling. I am finding it exhausting. On advice of midwife I have managed to spread feeds out to 2 hours apart. But I end up dreading feeds. Often it is a struggle to get him latched on- he headbutts me, pounds fists etc. This particularly frustrating at 3am!

Any advice? I don't want to end up resenting him.

BelleWatling Wed 23-Sep-09 01:23:38

Congratulations on your new baby and on feeding successfully this far - you're doing brilliantly even if you don't feel that way at the moment. smile

Someone who is qualified will come and give you better advice than I can but as I am up at this time of night...

- co-sleeping - have you thought about this? It saved my life in the early days of having a baby very much like yours - constantly feeding and refusing to leave the breast. (The FSIDS website has recommendations on how to co-sleep safely and there should be threads on here as well.)

- If you are not happy with co-sleeping then have you tried lying down to feed? A breastfeeding counsellor will show you the technique.

- don't try and do anything else other than feed the baby - no housework, no cooking, no tidying, make sure you are being looked after with lots of tea and cake (or whatever) to hand. Stay on the sofa or in bed. Make sure visitors and partner are supporting you.

- it does pass very quickly, they begin to space out feeds and sleep more as they get bigger. They just really are building up your supply at the moment and need to be near their mummies...

- Put him in a sling to settle between feeds - he might just need to be near you rather than feed.

- Although it feels like the tough option at the moment, BF is so much easier once you've got the hang of it, no measuring and taking temperatures, no powder, no sterilising, nothing to carry when you leave the house - have boobs, will travel.

Good luck - there are some much more qualified posters than me who will be able to give more tips about the headbutting etc.

primigravida Wed 23-Sep-09 03:04:31

I promise you that it will get easier, you won't end up resenting him. Being a new mum is incredibly tiring, BelleWatling's advice is fantastic - sleep and rest as much as possible. The first month is the hardest and after breastfeeding becomes a breeze ime. Good luck and congratulations!

roslily Wed 23-Sep-09 03:57:58

Thanks. We are co-sleeping as he refuses to be put down!

Glad to know it will get easier. I am determined to succeed in this.

ben5 Wed 23-Sep-09 05:14:22

ther is probaly a breast feeding support group around. it's great to go to these and chat to other mums who are also new to breastfeeding. there are normally experts at feeding there and know lots of different tips. good luck

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