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4 week old squirming during feeding

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Picante Sun 20-Sep-09 19:16:27

I'm assuming it's wind related... but she's really writhing about, looks in pain and yanks at my nipple. Happens usually early evening which is why I think it's wind related.

Any thoughts?

Mummy369 Sun 20-Sep-09 19:30:31

Sounds like you could be right. Does she arch her back or draw her knees up? She may hiccup from time to time and also give you mixed messages that she wants to feed - then when you offer the breast she quickly loses interest or pulls off and cries? These are all signs of wind, and quite classic that she's worse in the evening.

It may be that you need to wind her fairly frequently - before, during and after a feed. You may have to wind her more than once during the feed. Try this for a couple of days, if this doesn't help enough you may have to consider infacol or gripe water. If it's a fairly recent problem I would suggest gripe water - it's suitable from 4 weeks old.

Also try different positions for winding. You have the classic up on the shoulder, and sitting up on your lap - let her curl up so she looks like a little ball on your lap! Try laying her on her back and gently massage her tummy in a clockwise direction for about 30 secs - some babies love this but others object very loudly! Then sit her up again and pat her back firmly. You can also try laying her accross your lap on her tummy and pat her back that way. Alternate the positions from time to time.

Hope some of that helps, good luck smile

Picante Mon 21-Sep-09 09:27:01

Thanks for your help - I've tried the tummy massage which fortunately she seems to like. Unfortunately she's woken full of snot which is not helping her latch so she's taking in even more wind!

Skillbo Mon 21-Sep-09 11:03:00

Definitely sounds like wind to me - when my DD does this is does also tend to be wind from the other end which isn't as easy to shift.

What I do is lay my baby on my legs (when I'm sat down) with her head around my knees and cycle her legs. As she likes her tummy being rubbed you could alternate with the legs as well. She normally lets rip with a few choice bottom burps and then is alot calmer on the boob.

Hope this helps - sorry to hear about the bunged up nose. My DD has a similar thing going on at the mo and hates having her nose wiped... oh well, the joys of motherhood!

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