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Pre nap bf at 16 months

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Montifer Sat 19-Sep-09 22:18:26

DS bf at bedtime, on waking in morning and usually once during night and I intend to continue until he self weans.

He spends 1 day with grandparents and 2 days in nursery whilst I am at work each week.

Recently, I've stopped offering bf when I put him down for daytime nap and he points frantically to the seat next to his cot (where we bf at bedtime) and cries angrily for 3-5 minutes before sleeping.

If I continue to bf for daytime naps (which I am happy to do) do you think this will make it more difficult for others to settle him for naps on the days I'm not there?

I suppose I have been trying to withdraw the pre nap bf to make his routine the same each day, but wonder if I am letting him get upset for no good reason sad

Does anyone have experience of this and/or advice?

Thinkstoomuch Sat 19-Sep-09 22:45:41

My 18-month-old DS2 can do daytime naps with and without a BF. If I'm not there DH can put him down no problem. If I'm there and DS2 is a bit agitated, perhaps because he's overtired, then a BF does the trick. This week he's probably done three naps without boob. Then other times he can go weeks without asking. So I don't think you need to aim for consistency necessarily. Does your DS ever fall asleep in the car then transfer to his cot? That might help set the pattern for him being in his bed in the daytime without having had boob?

Montifer Sat 19-Sep-09 22:58:40

Thanks for your reply.

He will sleep in his pram if we are out and about without bf and goes down for DP without a peep if I'm not around.
He seems to play up for grandparents if they put him down in cot so they usually resort to a walk with the pushchair.
Am not sure about nursery, he only started this week and they report him sleeping for decent time (2 hours) but are quite vague about how he settles.

My gut feeling is to give him bf when he wants it, which is every time I put him down in his cot, and to be aware of how, if at all, this impacts on how he settles on his 'not-at-home' days.

missmama Sat 19-Sep-09 23:34:26

I would imagine his routine is that if Mum puts me to bed I get a breastfeed. If Dad puts me to bed I go to sleep and if Gran puts me to bed I get to play.

As in he wants to be fed because you feed him. He settles differently for everybody.

If you are actually asking what should you do wink Then you should feed him, because you want to and he wants you to too.

Montifer Sun 20-Sep-09 19:39:13

Thanks Missmama, think that's it in a nutshell really grin

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