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starting formula for the night time feed?

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Mads1 Sun 05-Jun-05 22:43:14

I've been thinking of starting my dd ( 8weeks old) on formula feeds at her 11pm dream feed. I have heard that babies last longer through the night on this. Has anyone tried this? If so, please can you tell me how you found this. I have heard that baby can get bad wind from formula. Also, which formula is best?

I will still express milk before I go to bed to ensure that my supply does not diminish. I will probably freeze this for times when i go out etc...

aloha Sun 05-Jun-05 22:49:05

I think it's rubbish tbh. Gave ds formula and he didn't sleep any better. He was a terrible sleeper. DD is exclusively breastfed and sleeps a million times better. I have never dream fed her and she goes through beautifully.

starlover Sun 05-Jun-05 22:56:24

agree with aloha.
otherwise all formula fed babies would sleep through the night!

you're probably best sticking with breast. If you really want formula then it's pretty much trial and error.

I found that SMA and Cow and Gate both gave DS constipation. Aptamil which was very highly recommended on here made him very sick.
We are now trying Hipp Organic!

hunkermunker Sun 05-Jun-05 22:59:50

Will copy my post from your other thread here:

They'll do it when they're ready - giving formula won't help, IMO (though there are people who will tell you it will!).

It can make breastfed babies very unsettled and uncomfy in their tummies (wind, harder to digest than breastmilk), so you might end up with less sleep!

tiktok Sun 05-Jun-05 23:10:02

Mads, it's normal for all eight week old babies, breastfed and formula fed, to wake at night.

norash Sun 05-Jun-05 23:46:05

Agree with all the others on here as my son is mixed fed and he is exactly 8 weeks old today and still does not sleep through the night.

My niece was only bottle fed and did not sleep through the night at this age either.

Mads1 Mon 06-Jun-05 12:43:21

Okey dokey! You've made up my mind for me - No formula!! i shall stick to the breastmilk.

Thank you

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