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what temperature for expressed milk?

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Comeinnumber49yourtimeisup Thu 17-Sep-09 15:59:37

I've just expressed some milk for my partner to give our newborn this evening. I've put it in the fridge, in the bottle (which I sterilized using tabs). Does he need to warm it up? If so, how?

Also, can someone reassure me or otherwise that one bottle in the evening is not going to result in my baby refusing the breast. He's 10 days old.

Thanking you...

muddleduck Thu 17-Sep-09 16:10:14

aim for body temperature - this is what you baby usually gets from you.

I always gave the bottle a quick blast in the microwave but I think this is officially frowned on as it can create "hotspots". Alternative is to stand it in a jug of hot water. (or to buy an over-priced gadget grin)

As to refusing the breast - well we had no problems but I think the bottom line is that all babies are different and that it depends on how "well-established" bf is.

Good luck

Ladyem Thu 17-Sep-09 16:11:33

I can only tell you from my experience and haven't done this for about 2 years, so not sure if the guidelines have changed, but I was told not to microwave breast milk, but to stand the bottle in hot water. As for the temp, I've found that different babies like it at different temps, mine liked it really quite warm, but friend's babies liked it cooler or straight from the fridge, so it's best to be guided by your baby (sorry not much help there!!). Perhaps try it just warm at first and take it from there?

Also, I gave EBM from a bottle for the first 4 weeks with DD as she could not latch on at all (they think it was something to do with her having erbs palsy form a birthing injury and so she couldn't get in the correct position to feed comfortably) I used to offer the breast, then feed her the EBM from a bottle (sometimes an avent, sometimes a tommee tippee closer to nature bottle) and she didn't have any problems going from one to another, or indeed, having all 3 in one feed if she was particularly hungry!! And after 4 weeks I was able to reduce the bottles as she was able to latch on and feed better from me. Obviously all babies are different, but hopefully you will not have any problems in him refusing the breast. After all it is much warmer and comfier than a bottle!! grin

Good luck!

Comeinnumber49yourtimeisup Thu 17-Sep-09 16:15:24

Thanks, I've got the tommy tippee closer to nature pump, which I was pretty impressed with - we'll try the warming in hot water I think. He likes everything very warm and complains if his bath water is only tepid so I'm sure he'll let us know if we've got it wrong... grin

cassell Thu 17-Sep-09 16:20:52

I also read that you shouldn't microwave BM because (1) it reduces the quality of the milk (can't remember the exact science!) and (2) microwaving can leave hot pockets in the milk which could burn the baby

I stand it in hot water and also make sure the teat is warm otherwise ds won't take a bottle and then just test it on the back of my hand to make sure it is approx body temp (though ds prefers it a bit warmer)

Comeinnumber49yourtimeisup Thu 17-Sep-09 20:08:58

OK, I warmed it in a bowl of hot water, but my baby only took half of it. Can I put it back in the fridge and warm it again later?

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