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hungry baby

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pippel Thu 17-Sep-09 12:41:43

my hv has told me to put my 3 month old on to hungry baby milk because she is having 5 8ounce bottles and is nearly ready for 9 ounces (she sleeps for 12 to 13 hours a night)

but I'm concerned that if it has the same number of calories in it and she takes less then she wont get enough, although she isn't following a line she has gone from the 9th percentile over the 50th in the last couple of weeks

does anyone think its a good idea and I'm just thinking about it too much grin

or should I stick to what I'm already doing?

Seona1973 Thu 17-Sep-09 13:12:04

When I used hungry milk for ds, he took the same amount of milk as before but just seemed a bit more settled between feeds. You may find it makes no difference at all. There is no harm in trying it - if it makes no difference then switch back.

pippel Thu 17-Sep-09 14:18:19

shes just had 6 ounces of the hungry baby milk and she seems fine, but on the stage 1 milk she would have been still hungry.

I think I will give it a couple of days and see how it goes

I dont want to end up weaning at 4 or 5 months because 9 ounces doesn't fill her, I cant be bothered with the mess wink

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